Recording Voice Over for Storyboards

Have you ever wondered how to create voice overs for your storyboards? In this back to basics tutorial, I show you an overview of the process involved in recording foley and voice over for your storyboards. This is a process undertaken in the industry to help directors, producers, artists and other members of a production team to bring life and character to a storyboard in the pre-production stage.

Adding voice over to your storyboards can immediately convey the tone and emotions of the boards and bring more clarity to the images. Also, it’s really fun practise for those of us who are aiming to be directors in the future or voice actors! For my Ahh Nuts short, I wanted to see what the characters would sound like when they emote. Since squirrels have very pitchy voices anyway, how can I make them sound distinct from each other, but also show their character.

You will seldom find the chance to cut your own animatics when you are working for a studio, let alone voice the characters. But it is always important to have side projects as working artists and I encourage you to give this a try if you haven’t already. You might find this creatively liberating.

This is the first of, hopefully, many more helpful tips that I’ll be uploading up on my channel about everything there is to know about story and animation. I hope you join me on this exciting venture! Please feel free to comment and suggest anything you’d like to see here. I want to teach everyone and anyone to the best of my ability, so every suggestion is appreciated.

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