Drawn To It Podcast Interview

Last week I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by fellow creative and animation enthusiast, Brian Finlay. Today I’m so excited to share that video with you all.

Brian hosts a podcast called Drawn To It, where he interviews other creative people like myself and has a honest conversation about their journey in the industry. Having worked in animation and illustration for over 20 years himself, Brian has an unmatched love for the process and the passion of making art.

In our interview, we started off talking about what it was like to work for Disney and the differences between our experiences there. We dive into the topic of performance anxiety and what we’ve learnt from our anxieties. I even share my Annecy story with Richard Williams!

This was a really fun experience for me and hopefully you guys enjoyed it as well. I encourage you all to add Draw To It to your podcast list and send Brian some love by subscribing to his youtube channel.

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