“Animation is the greatest form of visual storytelling.”

What is Sketch to Animate?

Sketch to Animate was born out of the idea that visual storytelling is a necessary medium to portray the human condition and that every human in the world has a story to tell. Thus, this facilitated a need for a studio to exist that not only develops and produces animated films that are character driven and rich, but a studio that invests in educating everyone of the power of visual storytelling.
Travis Blaise was first hired at Disney through their summer internship program and thus began his 14 year career there, bringing to life characters such as Frollo, Shan Yu, the Huns, Stitch, Koda, Goofy and many others. He then left Disney to continue his career in the industry wearing several different hats in the production pipeline including director and animator for Cartoon Network, story artist for Disney and Rough Draft Studios, and character designer for Nickelodeon. In recent years, Travis has grown into the role of a mentor and educator for up and coming artists in the industry. As the founder of Sketch to Animate, he is pursuing his passion for developing new and original stories and teaching everyone exactly why he believes cartoons are so awesome.

Travis Blaise
Animator, Director, Story Artist


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