Draw Over Mondays

Sketch To Animate is proud to present our new show – Draw Over Mondays.

A draw over is exactly what it means. Artists will have an opportunity to watch Travis draw over their storyboards, character designs and or animation tests. The method of the draw-over is to visually instruct, and get advice from a seasoned professional that has a great understanding in each of these areas discussed above by literally drawing over the character, animation or boards with sketches and verbal notes. It is a hands-on approach to teaching and is a method
in which Travis was taught.

Where to watch
Draw Over Mondays

Join us every Monday at 5 pm CST on our twitch channel. Follow us on Twitch to get notifications whenever we start streaming.

If you can’t make it to the Livestream, we upload the recordings to our Youtube channel.

How to submit
your art for draw overs

Deliverables for character designs: jpg, png or PSD files

Deliverables for storyboards: mov, mp4, avi, PSD sequence, png sequence, jpg sequence, Storyboard Pro file format. (Try to keep boards to a singular idea. No more than a few shots and panels)

Deliverables for animation tests: mov, mp4, avi, PSD, TVPaint file format, Callipeg file format.

Create a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox with the following format:


For example: TravisBlaise_ARCStoryboards

Inside your folder, please upload your artwork and include a document that briefly describes what the work is about, why you’ve submitted it, and any questions you would like Travis answer about your work.

Share an invitation to your folder to:


If you need instructions, you can read these support documents:

Google Drive Help

Dropbox Help

Example of boards to submit

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