How to Develop an Animated Short

Everything from Idea to Animation

“Your story is one of the most important assets to a successful animation,” says SketchToAnimate founder Travis Blaise. “The story needs to be addressed at the beginning, revisited in the middle, and reviewed at the end.”


16 October 2020

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What this Course is about

This workshop is for those inspired to write animated shorts, feature scripts, indie films, or craves to expand their general knowledge. Our own Travis Blaise will teach you the preproduction and production process basics in an animated short.

During this 6 hours Workshop, Travis will scope out how to develop an animated story. After a day with us, you will better understand how to block out a story, create rough animations, and so much more!

Beginner to Intermediate

6 hours


Workshop + Exclusive Session

Why Add The Exclusive Session

Have you started an animation project, or just completed your first short, and are unsure of what to do next? Maybe you have a story, a portfolio, and the grit but feel lost in the creative process. We’ve been there too. The SketchToAnimate team is offering exclusive one-on-one sessions with you to guide you with your PROJECT!

The session covers:

  • Blocking out your story
  • Scoping out your Project
  • Pipeline Guidance
  • Industry Insights
  • The “how-to” for your pitch
  • And so much more!

Space is limited. Act now before it’s gone.

Workshop only

$49.5 / $55

Early Bird Special / Regular Price

  • 6-hour workshop Live Online 
  • Preproduction and Production Process
  • Q&A Session with former Disney Animator Travis Blaise

Workshop + Bundle

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Early Bird Special / Regular Price

  • Everything Included in the Workshop plus…
  • Downloadable PDF documents related to the Workshop
  • Early access to the recorded workshop*
  • Limited edition print by Travis Blaise

Workshop + Exclusive

$585 / $650

Early Bird Special / Regular Price

  • Everything the Included in Workshop plus… 
  • Everything the Included in Workshop Bundle plus…
  • Two Hour Private Session with SketchToAnimate

Course curriculum

What will I learn in the Workshop

16 October

Character Design Sheets
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About Travis Blaise

Travis Blaise is an educator in the animation industry. He has lectured at various film festivals, mentored MFA students for the production of film shorts, and taught college courses for story development.

Travis started his career at Disney. For 14 years he animated many of their blockbuster hits. Travis continued his career and expanded his resume across the industry. Travis has directed and animated for Cartoon Network, been a story artist for Disney and Rough Draft Studios, and character designer for Nickelodeon.

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