Portfolio development
with Travis Blaise

It’s the workshop for those wanting more than a classroom lesson. This Workshop with Disney alum Travis Blaise and Mentorship focuses on personalized coaching to help you create the portfolio to stand above the mundane.


24-25 July


24 July – 3 September

What our Courses are about

You’ll start with the foundations built within this Workshop discussing portfolio presenting storyboarding, animation, and character development. The Mentorship program strengthens your work and portfolio with personalized feedback from industry professionals.

If you are pursuing a degree or in the industry for years, opportunities like this are always in demand.

Beginner to Intermediate
2 days
6 weeks

Workshop vs Mentorship

Why Add The Mentorship

Does your portfolio lack the luster? Do you desire to reanimate your art? Want to learn from an industry expert? The Mentorship Program is your answer.

During this six-week program, you will have one-on-one meetings with Travis Blaise, develop SMART Goals for your specific goals, and so much more!

Portfolio Workshop

$65 / $75

Early Bird Special / Regular Price

  • 2 day workshop only
  • Beginner and Intermediate
  • Insight on how to build animation, storyboarding and character design portfolio

Portfolio Mentorship

$575 / $625

Early Bird Special / Regular Price

  • Workshop + 6 week mentorship  
  • Intermediate – must have assets
  • Mentorship to create a complete portfolio, networking and job interview
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About Travis Blaise

Travis Blaise is an educator in the animation industry. He has lectured at various film festivals, mentored MFA students for the production of film shorts, and taught college courses for story development.

Travis started his career at Disney. For 14 years he animated many of their blockbuster hits. Travis continued his career and expanded his resume across the industry. Travis has directed and animated for Cartoon Network, been a story artist for Disney and Rough Draft Studios, and character designer for Nickelodeon.

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Course curriculum

What will I learn in the Workshop

24 – 25 July

  • How to professionally assemble portfolios for:
  • Storyboards
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Character Design
  • Understand how to display a digital portfolio online
  • How to write a compelling CV and Cover Letter
  • An Introduction to the Mentorship program
Character Design Sheets

Course curriculum

What will I learn in the Mentorship

24 July – 3 September

Week #0

pre-work and workshop

  • Attend the portfolio workshop
    Included in mentorship
  • Gather your assets - artwork / boards / animations that you want to include in your portfolio
  • Collect your resume
  • Have your dream job in mind and some studios to apply to

Week #1


  • Recorded group session
  • Examples of good portfolios
  • The do's and don'ts for your portfolios
  • Presenting your assets to Travis

Week #2

Storytelling in portfolios

  • Recorded group session
  • Discussion on the importance of story in portfolios
  • 1 on 1 meetings to discuss your dreams and goals
  • Draw overs on your assets

Week #3

Resume building

  • Recorded group session
  • Discussion on resume building and LinkedIn
  • Review and draw overs on week 2 progress

Week #4

Putting Your Assets Together

  • Recorded group session
  • Discussion on where to find jobs and how to apply
  • Discussion on portfolio layouts
  • Review and draw overs on week 3 progress

Week #5

Building an Online Portfolio

  • Recorded group session
  • Online portfolio demo
  • Business cards and networking
  • Review and draw overs on week 4 progress

Week #6

Mock Interviews

  • Recorded group session
  • Online portfolio review
  • Mock interviews
  • Final review and draw overs