Greetings and welcome to SketchToAnimate and everything inbetween. A studio focused on character driven story, based upon content to entertain, inspire, and educate. Storytelling, like art is vital to the essence of an enriching existence.

With over 28 years of experience in story development, character design, and animation, our vault of stories is brimming. Metaphorically and actually. Everyday we are inspired to entertain and bring about new possibilities in storytelling with excellent 2D animation.

Join us on this journey of creation and discovery. Let us help you build unique and unforgettable stories. Take SketchToanimate as your guide to explore what lies within, to break through creative blocks. Dare to leap! Guiding you to find the skill and confidence in the art of breathing life into the lines you create.

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Meet The Artist

Travis Blaise

Animator, Story Artist, & Director

Storytelling is as vital to the essence of my existence as is drawing. As a veteran animator, character designer, and storyboard artist, my vault of stories is brimming. Metaphorically and actually.
My earliest memories of creative fun started with a bird costume which I made with much care for my kindergarten’s rendition of Peter and the Wolf. Then there was my handmade book, 101 different ways a child could benefit from having a pet dinosaur. The parents weren’t convinced a dinosaur was warranted but I was hooked on the magic of bringing my imagination to life through art. These adventures grew with me into a lifelong passion that, as luck would have it, evolved into a rewarding career in animation. A summer internship with Walt Disney Feature Animation gave me the skills that lead to fourteen years as a character animator. I honed my abilities on movies such as Beauty and the Beast and Brother Bear. I helped bring to life characters such as Frollo, Shan Yu, the Huns, Stitch, Koda, and many others. I even had a rare opportunity to animate one of my all time favorites, Goofy.
Over the past 28 years I worked with numerous studios on interesting projects and various feature, television, and commercial productions. I’ve worn many hats in the production pipeline. Some roles include director and animator for cartoon network, Story artist for Disney and Rough Draft Studios and character designer for Nickelodeon. I have had the honor of lecturing at various film festivals. I have taught College Courses in Story Development and mentored MFA students for production of film shorts.
Everyday I am inspired to bring about new possibilities in storytelling with excellent 2D animation.

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